The 'Medical Billing & Coding' Chart Examines Brain Damage in the NFL

This 'A History of Brain Damage in the NFL' Infographic by the Medical Billing & Coding site, examines the amounts of brain damage that is caused by popular sports, with a focus on American football. According to this chart, football players incur the second largest amount of injuries, next to cycling. In June of 2012, a lawsuit was held against the NFL by more than 2,000 former players, due to the increase of life threatening injuries, such as long-term brain damage.

Football helmets are of concern, and have been questioned by players, as to whether or not they are properly built to help minimize head trauma. Football being a high-impact game requiring players to run at each other at speeds of 20 mph -- it is no wonder that concussions are so predominant. Many former football players have complained of serious side effects, such as dementia, memory loss, blurred vision and depression. With these alarming results, it makes one question whether the game is worth playing? And if so, maybe revisions need to be made in order to minimize life-altering injuries.