The 'Ab Ovo' Meat Knife is Designed to Slice Through Anything with Ease

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Designed by Zara Fong, the 'Ab Ovo' is a meat knife that enables users to get the exact level of precision required when it comes to food preparation. The secret to the 'Ab Ovo' knife's success is the volcanic obsidian blade that is small yet mighty and offers just the right level of sharpness. The handle on the knife design is 3D-printed, which allows it to look futuristic from afar and ergonomic in-hand.

Clearly a piece of design excellence, the 'Ab Ovo' meat knife is explained by the designer: "Ab ovo is a knife which incorporates the ancient technique of knapping and futuristic manufacturing of 3D printing and scanning. This knife’s two contrasting materials –obsidian and plastic- harmoniously complement each other despite being made differently; nature and man-made."