A Hot Pot Eatery is Offering Salami Versions of Lady Gaga's Raw Robe

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: toychan.blog.jp & firstwefeast
Lady Gaga turned many heads back in 2010 at the MTV Awards when she adorned a raw meat dress, and now consumers can enjoy an edible version of the robe at a hot pot restaurant in China. The infamous statement piece has been recreated as a charcuterie board made of cured meats that is arranged on the body of a doll.

The dish features a nude Barbie doll that is presented standing on the centre of a plate and dressed up in an array of sliced cured meats. The meat is arranged in such a way as to create a sleeveless ball gown inspired by Lady Gaga that adorns the doll as if it were clothing.