This Meat Cut Diagram Of a Unicorn Looks Disturbingly Delicious

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: threadless & foodbeast
According to this meat cut diagram, the layout of edible unicorn parts includes all of the Internet's favorite things. It is essentially an assortment of memes within a meme itself.

Among the sections of the unicorn include bacon, cupcakes and gummy bears. Some of the sections are also inedible like rainbows and sunshine, but just like the animal's real-life horse cousin, excess parts of the unicorn can be used for functional things like a spork.

The design is being sold as a shirt on Threadless by Luis Diaz. He has certainly wrapped all things meme into this clever -- and according to North Korea's recent alleged unicorn discovery, potentially useful -- piece.

This meat cut diagram couldn't have been timed better considering the recent horse meat scandal in Europe. It effectively parodies the issue in humorous fashion.