Marie's 'Ma Formule Midi' Contains a Starter, a Main Course and Dessert

 - Feb 15, 2016
Ma Formule Midi (My Lunch Menu) is a new product line from Marie that appeals to women with easy-to-prepare appetizers, entrées and desserts.

These kits come in small lunch-sized boxes that begin by providing cold starters like potato salad, tabbouleh or coleslaw that do not require any heating or cooking to be enjoyed. Similarly, dessert items like caramelized soft apples and chocolate cream can also be enjoyed chilled. The only item that needs to be heated in the kits are the main courses, which includes options that provide variations on chicken and pasta combinations.

The three French dishes provide flavorful options for a complete meal that are easy to prepare either during a busy day at the office or a relaxing one at home.