The Meadowview House is in Conversation with Its Surroundings

Platform 5 Architects designed the 'Meadowview House,' a residence located in a rural village of Bedfordshire, England.

The picturesque site is bordered by hedgerows, trees and arable fields. The architects set the home up so that it interacted with the gardens immediately surrounding it, as well as the distant landscape. The house's linear, mostly horizontal form was significantly informed by the abstract agriculture. The form was differentiated by slight height differences throughout. A chestnut-clad box overhangs the ground floor; from a distance, it appears to be hovering above the hedgerows. The "hovering" volume is complemented by features such as a set of cantilevered stair and a recessed balcony.

Inside, the well-insulated (and irrigated) home offers a route that gradually becomes more and more private as you walk through.