A McDonald's Menu Option in Turkey Includes Sliced Veggies and Feta

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: mcdonalds.tr & foodbeast
What is the first thought that comes to your head when you think McDonald's breakfast menu? Is it the mouthwatering bacon over fried eggs? How about a thick McGriddle oozing with syrup? Well, McDonald's in Turkey serves a much healthier breakfast than you can even imagine.

The menu option includes cucumber, feta cheese, an English muffin, an omelet and tomatoes. It doesn't even seem possible. Maybe they have somehow found a way to inject grease into the tomatoes to make them taste better.

This menu option is a nice change of pace for McDonald's and although it may not be popular, it may be a good idea to have in North America. At least the patrons eat from the McDonald's breakfast menu everyday can mix in some fresh veggies for a change.