'MC1R' is Magazine Catered to the People Who Rock Lavish Red Locks

 - Jun 18, 2015
References: mc1r-magazine
MC1R is a magazine that is geared specifically towards redheads. Each issue is filled with images, articles and stories related to red hair and people who have red hair. The magazine emerged from an idea to empower redheads and to create an outlet that features everything and anything about the physical characteristic.

The diversity of the magazine has allowed it to proceed and develop without moral conflict. Articles have been published regarding contemporary art, fashion, musicians, designers and current events.

By placing a spotlight on redheads and embracing the characteristics that correspond with having red hair, MC1R hopes to demolish negative stereotypes and empower redheads. This is a bi-annual global magazine that was founded in 2014 and hopes to continue to grow and succeed.