These MBike Advertisements are Warnings to the Inactive

 - Mar 23, 2011
The newest MBike advertisements for MBike's latest campaign aim to inform you about illnesses you can attain from an inactive lifestyle.

The MBike advertisements feature a book called The Pathology of an Inactive Life, which consists of a series depicting three inactive problems most people face today. These illnesses include "Chronic Computerosis," which, according to the ad, has increased significantly over the past decade; "Armchairitis," a disease caused from sitting in front of the TV for too long; and "Deskorheea," a condition common among adults who work in offices.

What is the cure to all of MBike's recently discovered diseases? Mountain biking, of course! The ads are cleverly delivered and very believable. These MBike advertisements are sure to catch your attention and push you towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.