A Signature Japanese Snack Just Got An Extra Kick with Mayonnaise Art

 - Sep 19, 2012
References: en.rocketnews24
Osaka-based restaurant Okaru is drawing locals and tourists with its amazing mayonnaise art. Okonomiyaki, the canvas for this artistry, is a type of Japanese pancake made with flour, eggs and cabbage that is topped off with a vinegar sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed and bonito flakes. Depending on the region, fried noodles and other ingredients may be added as well.

The chef at Okaru illustrates a few of Osaka’s famous buildings, and upon request, brings favorite characters like Mickey Mouse to the Asian pancake. Each okonomiyaki, which is generally the size of a pancake served at diners, is drawn on with a single packet of mayonnaise the size of a McDonald’s ketchup packet. It takes a lot of practice and confidence to maneuver the limited creamy ink onto such a large surface without showing any hesitation. If I ever visit Japan again, I’m definitely going to check this place out and request some mayonnaise art for myself.