Artist Matthew Feyld Could Easily Illustrate for Children's Books

The artwork of Matthew Feyld is adorably simple. Predominantly revolving around imagery of fun fruit, cartoonish eyes and more abstract objects, the paintings look as though they are straight out of a children's book. There is a playful innocence to each piece that shows Matthew Feyld's is truly a kid at heart.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Matthew Feyld may seem to deal in concrete ideas and images, but the more a person takes in his work (especially his paintings), they become more and more mysterious. Perpetuated by the use of his strong block colors, Matthew Feyld appears to be inspired by retro animations and illustrations. The two dimensional quality of his work really adds to this vintage aesthetic.

Overall, Matthew Feyld is one to watch. He also delves into photography and pencil sketches.