Matthew DiVito Creates Artful Motion Graphic Designs

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: cargocollective & thisiscolossal
It is easy to fall into a hypnotic trance-like state while staring at the mesmerizing variety movements displayed by these lively 4D digital gifs by Matthew DiVito.

The Designer/Artist showcases his talent for motion graphics as he brings to life each gif creation. Each gif is a displays a multitude of complex motions which looping endlessly on your screen. From whimsical dance-like animations to levitating globes on constant rotation; Matthews' 4D digital gifs are complex combinations of concise, thematic, futuristic manoeuvres. While viewing such fluidity and precision in these movements it is clear that these animations are not your basic flashing repetitions of image. Matthew DiVitos' collections of captivating, endlessly dramatic movements have a powerful tone made up of dark shades and geometric shapes with a retro vibe. These 4D digital gifs are so powerful and oozing with a dystopian feel.