The Red 'Truth' Pills and Blue 'Lie' Pills from R-Evolver

 - Feb 4, 2010
References: from-heaven-to-earth
Have you had enough of wondering how deep the rabbit hole really goes? Here are the Matrix-inspired pills--Red 'Truth' Pill and 'Blue 'Lie' Pill--which are 'mind twisting' products by Slovenia-based company R-Evolver. Now you can have all your answers, Matrix-style.

The term Redpill is a pop culture term that was popularized in science fiction culture via the 1999 film 'The Matrix.' The movie relies on the premise that an artificial reality that is advanced enough, will be indistinguishable from reality and that no test exists that can conclusively prove that reality is not a simulation.

In the movie, a Redpill is the term used to describe a human who has been freed from the Matrix, a fictional computer-generated world set in 1999. Bluepill refers to a human still connected to the Matrix.