Matias Troncoso Features Damsels Caught in the Fierce Wilderness

Matias Troncoso hails from Providencia, Chile, and his recent collection is full of frozen feminine figures trying to bare off the cold. No matter how many icicles threaten to shut down this shoot, Troncoso uses these elements to his advantage to create a memorable set of photos.

The best part about these pictures lies in Matias Troncoso's ability to mix the features of nature with his models so that the two blend as one. Instead of being another model in the wind, these ladies turn into ice queens and black bears ready to take on the frozen tundra.

Implications - With the economic downturn still in the backs of many consumers' minds, individuals are looking for products that will allow them to scape the woes of reality. Companies should try and incorporate elements of escapism in their commodities in order to appeal to this demographic.