Mathias Lachal 'Chute' Animation Turns Skydiving into an Aesthetic Experience

The Mathias Lachal 'Chute' animation makes skydiving look like an elegant ballet as these daring divers soar through the air. For anyone whose curious about skydiving but not willing to take the plunge, this is the next best thing.

The Mathias Lachal 'Chute' animation does a great job at using point of view shots to offer a unique perspective on the sport of skydiving. His subjects float gracefully through the air as they glide towards the earth. The animation focuses on the sensations felt while doing this sport, and is amplified by Lachal's in-depth ability to bring out the most minute details of a skydiving experience. Viewers beware, this is not exactly what a skydive will look like, as Lachal enhances certain features for extra effect, but at least this presents the sport in an artistic manner.

Implications - The fascination behind this video comes from viewers longing for a sense of escape in their busy lives. Contemporary society is ever-evolving, and customers desire products that give them a break from the anxieties of commonplace existence. Companies should consider how to offer these sensations in the products they provide.