Mathew Guido Fashion Photography is Dark and Captivating

 - May 13, 2011
References: mathewguido & lookbooks
Mathew Guido may only be 22 years old, but the budding photographer never fails to understand and translate raw emotion as he sheds new light on the fashion world through his eerie, yet beautiful photography.

The emotographer uses color, contrast, drab lighting and models who know just what to do with their eyes to accomplish this portrayal of emotion. Of course, the extravagant costuming and make-up so often seen in his photos helps. Guido was initially an illustrator and painter who stuck to these artistic roots when he crossed over to the world of photography--and their influence is evident.

In his interview with Lookbook Magazine, Mathew Guido explains, " I often exaggerate in composition, color and mood, which tends to unite everything in one appeal. I try to stress highlights and shadows, which can bring out a different kind of beauty."

This statement speaks volumes of the ironically brilliant but dark collection of fashion photographs in Mathew Guido's portfolio.