Nina Keneally's NeedAMom Service Caters to Motherless New Yorkers

Nina Keneally's NeedAMom maternal service is designed for those without a mother or those who are simply too far away from their own. This interesting operation is based in New York City and is gaining increased popularity.

This affectionate business enterprise was started by 63 year old Nina Keneally. The Bushwick-based mom and business woman founded the NeedAMom initiative which charges buyers $40 an hour for her to step in as a substitute mother. The maternal service includes motherly advice, supermarket trips, coffee dates, dentist and doctor visits as well as all other comforting mother and child activities.

However, unlike most mothers, Nina will not be cooking or cleaning for her clients. The NeedAMom service is strictly based on all the fun, joyful and affectionate parts of motherhood.