Materia Vulgaris Brings Respect for the Earth to the Foreground

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
A team of designers has come together to produce a project entitled Materia Vulgaris as advice about the way that people should appreciate matter around them. Madalin Gheorghe, Andrei Raducanu and Andrei Ivanescu aimed to explore the meaning behind the phrase "common ground" in a way that digs deeper than most tend to look.

They explain that this concept of shared space in architecture is often considered more in the light of situation and function rather than the physical materiality of the site's surrounds. So here, an attempt was made to celebrate the nature of the substance that holds all of life together.

Geoform display cases of soil permit museum visitors to observe and touch the dirt, sand and water and part of the Materia Vulgaris exhibit features a miniature archeological component for unearthing model historical Romanian cities.

Photo Credits: suckerpunch