The Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock Can Be Opened From Your Smartphone

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: masterlock & gizmag
Master Lock's smart Bluetooth padlocks are designed to bring together the irreplaceable value of physical locks and the high-tech and ultra-secure features of mobile-assisted security.

These Bluetooth padlocks are easy to use. Once users purchase a lock, they then have to download a mobile app and set it up. They can then set up codes which, when entered in the app, open the physical padlock.

These Bluetooth padlocks will ensure that you never again find yourself half-naked in the gym locker room and struggling feverishly to remember your lock's combination, or find yourself in a situation where your padlock's screw gets stuck. These locks are also useful for use in the home, office, garage and elsewhere. They are further proof that the Internet of Things is particularly well suited towards personal security applications.