Masateru Ikeda Illustrates Ladies with Angelic and Demonic Traits

Images of winged women are often associated with angels and seraphs, but these Masateru Ikeda creations aren’t always heavenly. In fact, many of the feathered females in Ikeda’s work seem demonic with their gothic make-up, Victorian apparel and battle-worn expressions. Though he goes against the grain in the use of a motif that’s commonly associated with good and purity, Ikeda’s work is without a doubt stunning and much more interesting to look at than traditional art featuring angel-like entities.

Another peculiar aspect about Masateru Ikeda’s use of wings is the fact that he doesn’t always draw them emanating from the backs of his subjects. Some of his creatures have feathers sprouting from their hips and even their heads. One particularly odd illustration has two women as the wings of a serpentine demon.