Maentis' 99 Steps of Progress is a March of Progress Parody

 - Mar 31, 2013
References: & neatorama
The March of Progress parody by Maentis is brilliantly thought out. It's hard to believe the artist was able to conceptualize 99 new ideas considering the vast quantity of similar parodies to this evolution piece by Rudolph Zallinger.

Each piece possesses minimal silhouette characteristics, leaving only what is needed to be displayed. This makes it easy for the viewer to get through all 99 of the works. Included in the pieces is various pop culture references and many unfavorable fates for humanity.

I highly recommend scanning through the vast quantities of intelligent and witty ideas provided in this March of Progress Parody. It may have your mind expand to new concept and predictions of where the human race may be taken to in the future.