The M House by Marcel Luchian Displays Overlapping Elements

 - May 4, 2013
References: marcelluchian & mocoloco
Located in the heart of Singera, Moldavia, the M House by architect Marcel Luchian will be presented at the GIS Architecture Expo Conference. This stunning structural project is the latest from the talented architect whose design merges aesthetics with practicality and eco-conscious construction practices.

From its layered facade to its overlapping geometric elements, Marcel Luchian's M House embraces minimalism thanks to its mix of neutral materials and finishes that are displayed in a palette of pale whites, greys and beiges. An example of chic and contemporary design, this sustainable structure features an open interior that is based in natural light.

Blending light, shadow and texture, this striking abode is a design lover's dream and a true definition of modern minimalism at its best.