These Paul Grundbacher Machines Would Make Rube Goldberg Blush

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: woodgears & laughingsquid
Back when I was a kid, I thought that sequential marble machines peaked with the board game 'Mouse Trap.' Leave it to Paul Grundbacher to prove me wrong with his series of amazing wooden marble machines that he's been designing since 2009.

The most recent addition to his stable of marble machines is 'Archimedis,' a towering contraption that essentially works a turbo-charged express elevator for marbles. It takes a YouTube video of 'Archimedis' in action to fully appreciate how fast and intricate the design is. The machine works so quickly, that Grundbacher had to add a speed regulator to the device so ensure that the marbles would catch as well to ensure the wooden gears on the tower don't get destroyed.

Grundbacher's amazing wooden marble machines are exactly the kind of mesmerizing thing you'd see on a Christmas store display in New York City.