Mapacad Offers CAD Files of Hundreds of Cities

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: mapacad & archdaily
Modern architectural design leans heavily — if not exclusively — on software programs, and Mapacad is a company that offers files for one of the most commonly used systems: CAD. Whether studios use Autocad, Rhino, BricsCad, SketchUp, or any other CAD program, they can use Mapacad's .dwgs to help in planning and envisioning their structures within urban environments.

Mapacad currently offers CAD files for hundreds of cities around the world. These files typically cost around 15 euros or so. The company has also recently released a set of free downloads for the most commonly used maps from its database. These include Havana, Santiago, Berlin, Boston, Cairo, Dubai, Sydney, and Tokyo. To access these free files, users just need to open an account on Mapacad's website and enter coupon code "Mapacad".