GT2P's 'Manufactured Landscapes' is Highly Sculptural

 - May 10, 2018
References: friedmanbenda & dezeen
Chilean collective GT2P drew inspiration from the Andes mountain range for its 'Manufactured Landscapes' exhibition at New York gallery Friedman Benda. The collection features a rippled coffee table that elegantly mimics the mountainous terrain on its wooden surface, as well as a sizable chandelier, ambient wall lights and volcanic-inspired ornaments.

For its Manufactured Landscapes exhibit, GT2P embraced the beauty in the natural forms and the topography of its country. The creative collective utilizes developed "digital fabrication techniques to evoke" the intended effect. The methods associated with this approach to furniture are highly intricate and present a wonderfully sculptural aspect to the piece itself. A masterful demonstration of how technology integrates itself in the development of high-end and ambitious design, GT2P's Manufactured Landscape exhibition is definitely awe-inspiring.