Manuela Donoso and Luisa Pereira are Making Harmonics a Visual Affair

Only a few years ago, the concept of using sounds to create a visual sensory experience was unheard of, but thanks to rapid developments in 3D printing technology, artists like Manuela Donoso and Luisa Pereira are making harmonics into visual, tangible works of art like those demonstrated in their Harmonic series.

By using a wide array of cross platform materials like software, mechanical devices, sculptures, 2D and 3D printing technologies, Donoso and Pereira have been able to reveal what they describe as the "tight relationship between musical and visual harmony" with their Harmonic series.

Featuring both 2D and 3D works of art, Manuela Donoso and Luisa Pereira's Harmonic Series is an ongoing project that sees these out of the music box thinkers continuing to figure out clever, eye-catching ways of presenting the cohesion of musical and visual harmony.