The Mantadroid Elegantly Swims Through the Water

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: dezeen
Underwater robots have offered researchers, scientists and environmentalists the opportunity to gain access to previously unreachable depths, however the clunky machinery often results in suspicion from aquatic life, which is why the Mantadroid, serves as such a unique alternative.

This elegant robot gracefully glides through the water, appearing as more of a manta ray than a machine, offering researchers a more authentic look at underwater life. The design was created and developed at the National University of Singapore, as a means of aquatic surveillance.

The flexibility of this machine enables researchers to gain a more realistic understanding, as the device allows for a more natural interaction with its surroundings. The Mantadroid will soon be ready to perform a variety of tasks, including "studying marine biodiversity, measuring hydrographic data and performing search operations."