Sperm Created From Female Embryo

 - Feb 2, 2008
References: environmentalgraffiti
Scientists have created sperm from a female embryonic stem cell, leaving our male futures, for lack of a better word, lonely. The accomplishment come from the University of Newcastle scientists who now face the task of achieving the same results (creating sperm) from female bone marrow, which would all in all be much easier.

According to Environmental Graffiti, “The creation means that lesbian couples could soon have children that shared the DNA of both women, rather than having one male biological father. A sperm cell created from one partner could fertilize her partner's egg.”

The sperm cells have not yet been tested to see if the offspring produced would be healthy because the current sperm cells don't have the correct amount of genetic material.

Well boys, our future just got a little brighter! Oh, but there's more, so don't get too excited. That little problem they are having with the sperm cells from the female embryos shouldn't be that much of problem any longer. In 2006 Prof Nayernia encountered that same problem with sperm cells created from male bone marrow, he even impregnated mice. So I guess we really are destined for the dark ages. (tear:')