Blogger Akilah Hughes Uses Her Makeup Wipes as a Way of Documenting Her Day

 - Jun 12, 2015
References: & bustle
While makeup wipes may not seen like the most conventional artistic medium, blogger Akilah Hughes has managed to turn these common face wipes into a kind of visual makeup diary. The popular YouTube beauty blogger began the project after noticing that her makeup wipes seemed to provide a visual record of her day.

To complete the project, Hughes spent one week documenting her makeup-removal process. Each smudgy wipe served as a visual document of what Hughes did each day and the makeup she choose to wear. Some days depict the remnants of a new beauty tutorial video, while others reveal a long day at work. When asked about the meaning behind the project, Hughes describes the makeup wipes as "little portraits, reminding me of who I saw, what I did, and how I chose to face the world."