Make-a-Table Lets You Turn Any Object into an Original Piece of Furniture

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: yaelzwickel & dornob
Coffee tables could become a thing of the past if Make-a-Table ever went from concept to reality. Created by Israeli design student Yael Zwickel, Make-a-Table consists of a set of four C-Clamps that can instantly turn any object into a table.

The C-Clamps sit atop legs that look a lot like over-sized ballpoint pens complete with rubber grips. The legs have a preset height that appears to be permanently set at "coffee table." This may seem bothersome initially, but it makes sense as the higher the legs are, the less stability the table would have.

The Make-a-Table is a great design for people looking to fill their homes with eye-catching furniture without spending a bundle. Zwickel's design could also help realize the dream of the coffee table book that actually functions as a coffee table. Oh, the possibilities!