Mahmoud Abdoun Depicts Famous Characters Using Simplistic Shapes

There is an endless supply of character fan art on the Internet, but at least Mahmoud Abdoun is trying to convey heroes like Harry Potter, Batman and Link from Legend of Zelda in a manner that no other artists have. Rather than demonstrating his technical flair, Abdoun has instead chosen to convey subjects using the most basic of geometric shapes. It’s amazing how Abdoun can make an equilateral triangle into a grimacing smile or use a perfect circle to denote legs and a torso. This self-imposed restriction demonstrates his creativity more so than other illustrators, who have limitless amounts of techniques at their disposal.

Mahmoud Abdoun’s collection also features the characters Penguin, Joker, Catwoman and Zelda. It’s impressive to see how he varies his minimalist approach in rendering these geek culture staples.