The Magnotag Magnetic Oven Mitts Make Sure You're Always Equipped

 - Oct 13, 2014
References: amazon & thegreenhead
The timer has gone off on the oven meaning your meal is ready, but the oven mitt is nowhere to be found; enter the Magnotag Magnetic Oven Mitts for always being within reach when you need them. Designed to ensure that your hands will be protected when grabbing that hot item out of the range, the Magnotag Magnetic Oven Mitts feature a simple yet totally innovative magnetic design that will stick to your range, fridge or any other metal surface in your kitchen.

Being that oven mitts are easily misplaced or placed in a drawer to be forgotten about until needed, the Magnotag Magnetic Oven Mitts takes a common problem and fixes it without a stitch of fuss.