The MagnifiSense Wearable Wrist Accessory Tracks the Usage of Devices

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: gizmag & engadget
The University of Washington developed the MagnifiSense, which tracks the wearer's usage of devices and product interactions throughout the day. The prototype essentially tracks and records the wearer's carbon footprint.

Using high-tech sensors, the MagnifiSense is able to sense smart devices, electronics and motor vehicles by reading their unique electromagnetic signatures. The device works with cellphones, appliances, video games and more.

This creative device is equipped with "three basic sensors that use coils of wire around magnets to accurately capture a broad frequency range of electromagnetic radiation without being too power hungry." By addressing each individual's usage and device consumption, it is likely to reduce their carbon footprint. This will in turn aid consumers in becoming more environmentally conscious. While it is still a prototype at this point, the creators soon hope to bring the product to consumers.