Magnifi Puts Users in Touch With Experts in Virtually Any Field

 - May 8, 2018
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For all the information that's available through a quick Google search, it's still so much easier to simply talk to a real human being, and Magnifi is a new platform that provides exactly that. The app puts users in touch with experts in a variety of different fields, from tech to business to romance, to provide personal, on-demand advice.

If someone has a problem with their computer, searching online can only be so helpful, as many tech issues end up being highly specific. By the same token, users can read all they want about general romance advice, but no book will provide the answer for what to text next. Magnifi can help out in either case and so many others too. It puts users in touch with experts in any field, offering live, paid calls in which experts can deal with the precise problems that users have.