The Madame Figaro 'Tee-Shirt Show' Editorial Stars Siri Crafoord

The Madame Figaro 'Tee-Shirt Show' editorial is outstanding for one reason and one reason only, it shows off eight different ways to spruce up the common t-shirt. Inspiration for the self-proclaimed fashionista, surfer chic and beach bum, this photoshoot will help people set themselves apart without compromising the true purpose of these 'casual' outfits.

Captured by Alexandre Weinberger for the magazine's latest edition, the Madame Figaro Tee-Shirt Show editorial was shot on location in St. Barts. It stars Swedish model Siri Crafoord. The golden-haired beauty was impressively styled by Julie Gillet in a handful of designer t-shirts that have been embellished with colorful harnesses, animal print shawls and marching band-like vests. The beach looks were completed with tousled tresses by hairstylist Alessandro Rebecchi and kohl-rimmed eyes by makeup artist Regine Bedot.