This Macro Video Makes Beautiful Art Out of Close-Up Soap Bubbles

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: stereokroma & laughingsquid
This macro video inspires sensory engagement with beautiful imagery of bubbles viewed from close up.

The creator of the macro video, artist Stereokroma, says that the goal of the piece was to inspire ASMR in the viewer. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. The term describes a pleasurable physical sensation experience in response to visual stimuli. Although the phenomenon is unverified by science, there is much anecdotal evidence to support its existence. By viewing this macro video and listening to its soundtrack of interpretive music, Stereokroma hopes that his audience will be able to understand it first-hand.

The macro videography alone is impressive -- the creation of this artistic piece wouldn't have been possible without the technology available to us in the present day.