Explore the Beauty of Insects with Colin Hutton's Macro Bug Photography

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: flickr & ufunk.net
Macro bug photography is a series of photos by Colin Hutton that get real up-close and personal with those creepy crawlies that tend give most people the willies.

It's Colin Hutton's hope that his photographs of insects and spiders will help to change people's impressions of these tiny creatures. He believes that through his macro lens, he can place bugs in a new light, one where people can appreciate their beauty. While I may still find insects revolting, Colin's photos have helped me to at least take notice of the bright colors and interesting features that bugs can possess that I would have otherwise never noticed.

Nevertheless, if macro bug photography isn't your thing Mr. Hutton does photograph other animals, insects and spiders just happen to be his speciality.