In this Bizarre Macklemore Video, the Hip Hop Artist Picks up a Cat

 - Sep 1, 2013
References: & buzzfeed
This Macklemore video combines the 'Thift Shop' rapper with an unamused feline. The Cracker Jack'd YouTube video shows the hip hop artist picking up a fluffy cat with no other explanation other than to "Seize Your Day."

At first Macklemore struggles to find the cat, as it sneaks behind him in the armchair. Once found, he nervously lifts the cat. He speaks one line, "This cat hates me." It seems the rapper has many haters, including hip hop. He accepts this though, and chooses to proceed. He crosses his legs and settles in. The pets the cat while repeatedly shushing it, in an attempt to calm the feline, who is making irritated purr sounds.

Overall, this Macklemore video is certainly strange, yet inexplicably humorous.