The MA-UGV is Not Likely to be Your Next Go-To Barber

 - Mar 23, 2012
References: youtube & holykaw.alltop
The Intelligent Automation's Multi Arm Unmmaned Ground Vehicle, or the MA-UGV for short, was designed to carry out labor-related tasks such as backpack checks for security, shovel operations and door breaching, to name a few; however, it seems it's being most used as a robot barber, which is outside of its intended purpose.

The video showcases the MA-UGV's ability to cut hair, which is achieved when the wireless controls it's run by dictate certain movements. The team behind this video decided to undertake this hilarious demonstration in order to raise money for cancer. The volunteer -- or victim as you may consider him after his hair cut -- looks as if he attempted to cut his own hair using garden shears.

The MA-UGV is a groundbreaking invention dedicated to relieving human hands of any potentially dangerous tasks.