The Van Perckens is the World’s Most Expensive Luxury Bubbly

 - Jan 25, 2013
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Ever felt like P Diddy on a night out dropping dollars all over ‘the club?' Ever wanted to take your club cred to the next level? Sounds like you need the Van Perckens in your life. This luxury champagne cooler is currently the most expensive in the world priced at €550,000, about $730,000. The latest ultra luxury collection from the Danish designer is a 6 person-set champagne cooler finished in 20 ct. gold that weighs 7kg. For those who want to raise the bar even more, precious stones can be added for a higher fee.

The ‘Van Perckens Nr.8’ is delivered in an exclusive wooden case which is fully lined and features a drawer full of champagne flutes and a pair of black gloves for serving. We think you’ll agree this wine cooler is a master-class in luxury design.