This Graphic Sheds Light on Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is marked as lung cancer awareness month and this infographic shares some facts about the most deadly cancer, which kills over 160,000 people each year. As the infographic from the Lung Cancer Alliance states, this is "more than the other three leading cancers combined." As well, it might come as a shock to find out that non-smokers are more likely to get lung cancer.

Diagnosis for lung cancer typically happens late, which has a strong effect on survival rates. Routine screenings are extremely helpful for detecting early signs of lung cancer but despite being one of the most dangerous kinds of cancer, lung cancer is one of the most under-funded types of cancer.

Although the word about lung cancer awareness seems to be overshadowed by campaigns for prostate cancer in Movember, this is one disease that the Lung Cancer Alliance is urging people to be mindful of this month.