The Lumen Pinewood Lamp Endeavors to be Taken Seriously

 - Jul 30, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Besides offering much-needed illumination, light fixtures often become accessories as well. One goal that the Lumen Pinewood Lamp aims to achieve is a functionality all of its own.

Unlike a table lamp, this unusual floor lamp does not require a surface on which to stand. In fact, it includes one as part of its design. It strives to increase practicality where its sole-role cousins fall short, and offers the user a small tray which can act as a desk or a shelf.

As for the overall form of this lanky piece of lighting, creator Enrico Salis has it performing acrobatics. The hinged pieces of soft colored lumber defy gravity to suspend a spherical paper lantern from a height of 180 centimeters. The material honesty of the Lumen Pinewood Lamp expresses its strength in carrying out this balancing act, and subtly suggests the taut strings that help hold it in place.