Mobius Bionics' LUKE Arm is the Next Generation of Prosthetics

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: mobiusbionics & gizmag
Prosthetics are grasping for the future with the LUKE Arm, a newly available prosthetic arm engineered by Mobius Bionics in collaboration with DARPA. For generations, prosthesis was more a matter of aesthetics than functionality, but now, with the LUKE Arm, amputees will be able to control a high-functioning limb simply by thinking about the motion -- in the same way that anyone else would control their biological limb.

The LUKE Arm is truly stunning in its versatility. It's powerful enough to lift a bag of groceries onto a table with its elbow and shoulder motors, yet gentle and precise enough to pick up an egg or a grape without damaging it. The LUKE is also so steady that its user can hold a glass of water overhead without it spilling.

Now that the bionic arm is cleared by the FDA, amputees will be able to reach a new level of mobility and capability.