Lucy Jung & Daejin Ahn 3D Sticker are Comfortable for All

People with glasses don't have to worry about putting on an extra pair of shades at 3D movies with the Lucy Jung & Daejin Ahn 3D sticker sets. These stick-on shades will make 3D movies a much more comfortable affair for people who already have glasses.

This product is extremely easy to use as the lenses sit on a piece of paper held together with some adhesive film. When it is time to put 3D glasses on, the user need only peel the film from the paper and stick the dark 3D shades on top of their original lenses. This erases the discomfort of having two pairs of glasses on. This is a product that should be implemented immediately in all theaters for it solves an issue that many bespectacled individuals (such as myself) face when trying to enjoy a 3D movie.