LovePalz Bridges the Gap Between Long-Distance Couples

 - Oct 30, 2013
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Who says you can't interact with that special someone miles apart? Especially when LovePalz says you can. LovePalz is the world's very first Internet-enabled sex toy, pushing the envelope when it comes to intimacy felt -- or not felt, rather -- in long-distant relationships. Fear an awkward and slightly non-pleasurable sexy Skype call no more, as LovePalz introduces the Hera S for women and its counterpart, the Zeus S for men -- an upgrade from the company's original edition that boasts upgraded function, included tongue-activated motors.

This handy silicone-fixed device acts as a tool for virtual sex for the distant lover as the silicone readjusts electronically as the partner adjusts. In the words of Ludacris, "I move, you move, just like that." LovePalz focuses on toys and goodies for the couples that just can't be around one another as often as they'd like to, spicing up their intimacy a level higher than those steamy sext messages ever could. If you feel this is a silly idea, consider this: since being launched in 2012, LovePalz has sold over 10,000 pieces to lovers all over the globe and have since received great feedback.