Loup Charmant Organic Clothing

 - Sep 8, 2008   Updated: Aug 11 2011
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The house of Loup Charmant (the charming wolf) is showing that dressing in sustainable style can be desirable - even if New York Fashion Week tries to convince you otherwise.

Kee Edwards is the top designer for Loup Charmant and these eco-spun fabrics will explain your love affair with nature. Being aware of the environment around you can be very sexy. Loup Charmant's intimates and separates have a sensual connect to what's pure.

Implications - Nature fashion photography continues to be one of the largest forms of popular photography that modern eco-consious buyers look for. Companies that want immediate access to the benefits of being part of the green initiative should be aware that their business should venture out and figure out a way to add nature imagery to their products to promote positive branding.