The Louis Vuitton Backgammon Set Brings Luxury to the Traditional Game

Luxury fashion marquee Louis Vuitton has stepped aside from designing amazing apparel to designer board games with the Louis Vuitton Backgammon Set.

This limited edition game set was manufactured over 60 years ago and has been brought back just in time for the holiday season. Equipped with all the essential pieces to enjoy the classic game of backgammon or use as a lavish coffee table decoration. This timeless game kit is favorited for its exquisite Louis Vuitton appeal as well as exceptional condition despite being constructed many years ago. Crafted in France during the golden age of the 1950s, the Louis Vuitton Backgammon Set has all the pieces encases in the brand's iconic leather trunk made of canvas and wood.

This vintage styled board game is definitely the perfect gift for any designer gamers in your life.