Louis Lander Deacon Dreamer Photography is Elegantly Air-Born

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: louislanderdeacon & ignant.de
Delicately floating through the air in their sleep, the subjects in the Louis Lander Deacon Dreamer photography collection become ethereal figures.

Set in romantically eerie settings, including a foggy winter road, a hazy forest and a vine-filled fairy-tale window, the photos conjure the figures' dream-like state and share the essence of the dream with the viewers. What the dreams could be are left up to our imagination as we stare at the surreal images trying to interpret the story behind each floating person. Some seem to be experiencing nightmarish dreams with cold and darkness surrounding them, while others are gliding gently through a sunny wood.

However you interpret the images, the undeniable elegance and complete submission of the bodies as they hover in the air, invokes feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.