Artist Louis Fortier Deforms Wax and Plaster Heads for a Fright

Hang one of Louis Fortier's works of art on the porch or in the window and children would have definitely had a case of the frights on Halloween night. He creates wax and plaster heads using his own form as a model and then deforms them in very grotesque ways. Whether drooped or squished or discolored in freaky ways, the resulting artworks by Louis Fortier would send a chill down anyone's spine.

Based in Quebec, Canada, Louis Fortier raises quite a few interesting thoughts for people to mull over. Beautiful Decay notes, "The repetition of the body part reveals a deep fixation with the human face, identity and individuality. Probing into an analysis of genetic manipulation and cloning Fortier’s heads speak to the idea of multiple selves, or the personalities/ lives we might have had."