Lotus Wireless Speakers Mimic the Maturation of a Flower

 - Jun 12, 2011
References: behance.net
Inspired by the flower that represents the sun and the cycle of rebirth, the Lotus Wireless Speakers by Jarod Addison will give you an audio awakening.

The concept sticks closely to emulating the shape and the movement of this particular plant's petals as a way to set up the sound system for active use or rest. The sacred buds open wide during the daytime to absorb the bright light from the sky, and come together to shut overnight. Similarly, when the audio accessories are in use, each piece can be tilted onto second beveled bases, creating an an angle and arrangement best suited to the emission of music. To charge up, the Lotus Wireless Speakers can be reoriented in an upwards-facing compact alignment, imitating the floret in the evening.